New Year,

New Me…

It’s a tale as old as time. The New Year’s resolution. Being the basic horse girl that I am, I have set my New Year’s resolution to get in shape and work on obtaining my USDF dressage medals. As I sat down to begin writing this, I saw my original ideas sheet for the basic horse girl site.

It’s been two years since I first started dreaming this up. That made me realize how everyday life seems to have a way of creeping in and our dreams get pushed to the back burner.


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to the Van Gough immersive experience with my family, and it was incredible. In our family, we have been so wrapped up in running the farm, and the kids sports, that working on my creative side has been forgotten. Things like this blog are abandoned for more mundane tasks such as taking the trash out, or finding reliable barn help. This made it even more wonderful to have the morning to sit with my family and be fully immersed in Van Gough’s
paintings. While there a quote kept resonating with me…

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”
– Van Gough.


So, for this year, this basic horse girl is going to find the courage to dig deep and go for the gold.

See you soon!


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