Posture Prep…

A Must Have Tool in Your Grooming Box

I have been blessed to come across some amazing horse people in my journeys and Dr. Pat Bona is no exception. She has been such an integral part of the health of all our equine and human athletes in the barn. She also works on dogs too!

One of the unique parts of her program is how she saw that the best outcomes are found in routine procedures. Many of you have probably been to a Masseuse or Chiropractor and walked out feeing like a million dollars, only to have that feeling fade in a few days. As a basic horse girl I routinely have Chiropractic, Magnawave, BEMER, Massage, and other treatments done for myself and my horses. These treatments can be costly and short lasting. Thats where the Posture Prep tool comes in. Dr. Pat’s “magic curry” as I call it, is perfect for keeping fascia loose and functioning properly.  Fascia is an integral part of not only our animals bodies but our own. It is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. When it is stuck we become stuck.

 The best part of this system is that it doesn’t take extra time out of our already busy days. The posture prep kit comes with instructions on how to effectively use the tool as well as many instructional videos on how to apply certain techniques based on issues you may be currently having with your horse. 

We groom our horses before every ride. There is no reason to not posture prep using  Dr. Pat’s technique in place of your normal currying routine. If you believe in nothing I have mentioned so far at least try one because it’s also an excellent shedding tool that is easy to hold and grip. I have a client in the barn with severe arthritis in her hands that finds the posture prep tool very easy to use.  The coolest thing I have encountered while using the posture prep is how methodical it is and really shows you where your horse is sore. It is not uncommon to see hives that appear where the fascia is restricted. These spots go away shortly after grooming. With repeated use and loosening I have seen those restricted areas go away completely while also noticing better posture overall. 



Dents and Dings…

Have you ever noticed a dent or a ding on your horse? That is an area of damage from trauma that has occurred at some point in your horses life. These areas are where adhesions and scar tissue could be blocking your horses full potential. Regular chiropractic and daily Posture Prep can help to loosen up these restrictions for optimal performance. My OTTB had several dents and dings from his racing career and Dr. Pat has been a godsend at helping him heal years of trauma. For a more in depth look at dents and dings in your horse click here.



Does your Horse have any of these Symptoms?




Reluctance to go forward under saddle


poor posture


Tight muscles


weak topline

Dr. Pat Bona is Here to Help…

If you are located in the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Ocala, Florida areas I encourage you to reach out directly to Dr. Pat for chiropractic for yourself or your pets. If you are outside of her home area she has done many clinics and speaking engagements and there is a form on her website to get more information.


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