The must have item that you can use in everyday life


As a rider I am well aware of the memes about the terrible tan we get after all of those hours outside. I don’t consider myself to be vain but who wants unnecessary wrinkles and awkward tan lines when we can avoid damaging our faces. 
I have to say Equivisor is a huge part of my wardrobe, literally and figuratively. Equivisor has an awesome wide brim that protects my face from the sun. Being a trainer I am outside in the sun quite a bit. While I love my One-k helmet with the wide brim, it’s not enough to shield me from sunburn. Equivisor extends the edge of my helmet and even helps with the v-neck tan from wearing polo and sun shirts. I love that I can detach it from my helmet and then use it as while teaching and other outdoor activities. 


 The velcro and silicone lining of the Equivisor make it very secure on my helmet even in windy conditions. They come in a variety of colors including some bling options.

Equivisor is a women owned company with a great staff of avid equestrians. To me there is nothing better than a company that is founded  and run by horse women. They understand our needs because they are us. I also have to say that every interaction I have had with Equivisor has been great. I even had the pleasure of speaking with the owner and she is as lovely as her product.

Equivisor is a low cost, must have item that can be used for a variety of other activities such as boating golf, gardening, or tennis.