The Well Rounded Equestrian

  • What makes a successful horse person?
  • Is it our love for horses? Maybe…
  • Is it our fitness level? Certainly helps…
  • Is it a good mentor? We all need somebody to lean on…

Do we look at social media or articles in horse magazines and dream of what we could achieve, but then never follow through, or think that it will never be us? To all my fellow basic horse girls… Let’s make it us!

When I first started this site (only a few days ago 😉) I had the idea that this could be a go to resource for all things horse. From nutrition, to common horse problems, to everything in between. We will discuss all of those things, but my hope is for this to evolve into so much more.

Hopefully this site will become a place for inspiration… advice… laughs… and who knows what else.

Thank you for stopping in and checking us out. Let’s get started!

-Jenn The Basic Horse Girl

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